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Dufan Fantasy Jakarta: Route, Ticket Prices, Facilities, How to Book Tickets Online, & Vacation Tips

Want to make your vacation in Jakarta unforgettable? Dufan Fantasy is your answer. Are you looking for fun weekend activities with family or friends? Dufan Fantasy Jakarta offers an unforgettable adventure with a variety of exciting rides and comprehensive facilities. Get all the information you need from the easiest routes, current ticket prices, to how to book tickets online in this complete guide. Don’t miss our exclusive vacation tips that will make your experience even more enjoyable!


Dufan Fantasy, or more commonly known as Fantasy World, has long been an iconic amusement park in Jakarta. Located in the Ancol area, this amusement park offers a variety of rides from thrilling to relaxing, suitable for all ages. In this guide, we will take you through every important aspect you need to know before visiting.

Accessing Dufan Fantasy

There are various route options to reach Fantasy World, whether using private vehicles or public transportation like the commuter train. Here are the available route options:

Using Private Vehicles:

  • From Depok: Start your journey on Jalan Krukut Raya, continue to Jalan Pangkalan Jati, then to Jalan RS Fatmawati. After that, enter the Pondok Pinang Toll Road and follow the Jakarta Outer Ring Road to the Harbor Toll, then take Jalan Lodan Raya to reach Fantasy World. This journey usually takes about two hours.
  • From Bogor: Enter the Jagorawi Toll Road, continue to Cililitan 2 Toll Road, then to Ir. Wiyoto Wiyono Toll and Harbor Toll. Finally, turn onto Jalan Lodan Raya to arrive at Fantasy World. The journey time is about one hour.
  • From Bekasi: Start your journey on the East Outer Ring Toll, move towards Tanjung Priok Toll, continue to Jalan Enggano and Jalan R.E. Martadinata to reach Fantasy World. This journey usually lasts about one hour.

Using the Commuter Train (KRL):

If you choose to take the KRL, you have several station options:

  • Bogor Station: Get off at Kampung Bandan Station and continue with microbus coded M15 or M15A, get off at the main gate of Ancol.
  • Bekasi Station: From Jakarta Kota Station, take microbus M15 or M15A and get off at the main gate of Ancol.
  • Serpong Station: Make a transfer at Tanah Abang Station, then get off at Kampung Bandan Station and take microbus M15 or M15A, you will get off at the Ancol gate.

Using Transjakarta:

In addition to private vehicles and the KRL, Transjakarta services are also available. With several corridor options that can be used:

  • Corridor 5 connects Kampung Melayu to Ancol.
  • Corridor 5D operates from PGC to Ancol.
  • Corridor 5E serves the route from Kampung Rambutan to Ancol.
  • Corridor 5H runs its route from Harmoni to Ancol.

These routes offer convenient and efficient options for all visitors wanting to enjoy a fun day at Fantasy World.

Ticket Price Details

The entrance ticket prices for Dufan Fantasy vary depending on the visit day and the type of ticket purchased. Here is a list of ticket prices for Fantasy World Ancol:

  • Annual Pass Dufan Ticket (Ecard): IDR 399,000.
  • Dufan 6-Month Pass Ticket (Ecard) with a bonus one-time visit to Jakarta Bird Land: IDR 375,000.
  • Dufan 3-Month Pass Ticket (Ecard) with a bonus one-time visit to Jakarta Bird Land: IDR 360,000.
  • Regular Dufan Ticket with bonus entry to Samudra: IDR 350,000.
  • Regular Dufan Ticket with bonus entry to Atlantis: IDR 350,000.

Ticket policy:

  • Children under 100 cm tall are not charged for tickets.
  • Visitors 100 cm or taller must have a ticket.
  • Senior citizens are also charged for tickets, and there are no free exceptions.

Note: The above prices do not include entry tickets to the Ancol area and vehicle parking fees.

Facilities Offered

Dufan Fantasy is equipped with various facilities for visitor comfort, including restaurants and cafes, rest areas, bathrooms, and first aid centers. These facilities are located at several strategic points within the amusement park area, ensuring that visitors always have easy access to the needed facilities.

Variety of Fantasy World Rides

Dufan offers various types of rides, from thrilling ones like Halilintar, Kora-Kora, Hysteria, Kicir-kicir, Baling-baling, and Tornado, to relaxing ones like the Doll Palace and Ferris Wheel. Each ride is designed to provide a unique and unforgettable experience for its visitors. Rides like Arum Jeram and Niagara are perfect for adventure fans, while children will love Pontang-pontang and Gajah Bledug.

How to Book Tickets Online

Tickets to Dufan Fantasy can be purchased online through the official website or available mobile apps. Online ticket purchasing is not only easier and faster but also often offers special discounts. Here are the detailed steps to obtain admission tickets to Fantasy World (Dufan) in Ancol:

Through the Official Ancol Website:

  • Visit www.ancol.com and log in using your email.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the “Tickets & Promos” section.
  • Select the “Fantasy World” option and set your visit date.
  • Add the desired ticket type to your cart and proceed to purchase.
  • Fill in the booking details, including full name, valid email, phone number connected to WhatsApp, and date of birth.
  • Choose your preferred payment method, for example, through a Virtual Account from BCA, Mandiri, or BNI banks.
  • Once the payment is confirmed, the e-ticket will be sent to your email and WhatsApp. This e-ticket must be exchanged for a physical ticket at the Dufan entrance.

Through Tiket.com:

  • Access tiket.com and type “Dufan” in the search bar.
  • Choose the type of Dufan ticket you want, available for weekends or weekdays.
  • Set the visit date and the number of tickets required.
  • Proceed with the payment using any of the provided options..
  • Once the transaction is complete, the ticket will be sent to your email or can be picked up directly at the Dufan ticket counter on the day of the visit.
  • By following these steps, you can easily purchase tickets to visit Dufan, either through the official Ancol website or through tiket.com.

Vacation Tips at Dufan Fantasy

For the best experience, arrive at Dufan at opening time to enjoy rides without long queues. Wearing comfortable clothing and shoes is also important, considering you will be walking and active a lot. Additionally, make sure to hydrate and use sunscreen to protect from the sun.

Practical Information:

  • Opening Hours: daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday, 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM Saturday and Sunday.
  • Address: Jalan Lodan Timur No. 7, RW. 10, Ancol, Pademangan District, North Jakarta, Jakarta 14430.
  • Contact Sales Number: +62 812-9772-2237
  • Instagram: @infodufan
  • Website: Dufan Fantasi Official Website

Dufan Fantasy is not just an amusement park but a destination that offers various experiences for all visitors. Whether you are looking for adrenaline from challenging rides or just want to relax, Dufan has enjoyable experiences for everyone.

5 FAQs Related to Dufan Fantasy Jakarta:

What types of tickets are available at Dufan Fantasy? Dufan Fantasy offers several types of tickets, including regular tickets, children’s tickets, and family tickets. An annual pass is also available for those who visit frequently.

Is there a special discount for group ticket purchases? Yes, Dufan Fantasy offers discounts for group ticket purchases. For more information, visitors can contact Dufan’s customer service or check through the official website.

What rides are most recommended for children? For children, rides like Doll Palace, Gajah Bledug, and Poci-Poci are highly recommended as they are fun yet not too challenging.

What is the best way to avoid long queues at rides? Coming early, preferring weekdays, and using a Fast Pass are some ways to avoid long queues at popular rides.

Is there a facility for storing items at Dufan Fantasy? Yes, Dufan Fantasy provides a locker storage facility that visitors can use to store their belongings while enjoying the rides.