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Ragunan Wildlife Park Entrance Fees: Latest Prices and Offered Facilities

Are you looking to enjoy a weekend with your family at one of Jakarta’s favorite wildlife parks? Ragunan Wildlife Park offers a diversity of animals and interesting facilities with affordable entrance fees. In this article, you’ll find the latest information on ticket prices and various facilities provided to ensure an experience that is not only enjoyable but also comfortable for visitors of all ages.

Introduction to Ragunan Wildlife Park 

Often referred to as Ragunan Zoo, Ragunan Wildlife Park is one of the most popular family tourist destinations in Jakarta. Established in 1864, the park is home to over 270 different animal species. Located in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, the Wildlife Park is easily accessible by private vehicle or public transportation such as buses or online motorcycle taxis.

Latest Entrance Fee Details

 As of January 2024, the entrance fee for Ragunan Wildlife Park is IDR 3,000 for children and IDR 4,000 for adults. There is also a combination ticket that includes access to special attractions like the Schmutzer Primate Center for an additional IDR 7,500 per person. Ragunan often offers special promotions during school holidays or national holidays, so following their social media accounts or official website can help you get the latest information.

Public Facilities Offered 

Ragunan Wildlife Park is equipped with various facilities that make your visit comfortable. There is ample parking space, clean toilets, and many resting places under the shade of trees. For families with children, there are several safe and enjoyable play areas. Additionally, there are kiosks selling food and beverages, allowing visitors to picnic while enjoying the natural beauty.

Main Attractions and Activities 

At Ragunan Wildlife Park, visitors can see various types of animals up close, from Sumatran tigers and orangutans to various species of tropical birds. The Schmutzer Primate Center is one of the highlights not to be missed, featuring various primate species in habitats specially designed to resemble the wild. The park also organizes educational tours that can help visitors, especially children, learn more about biological diversity and the importance of conservation.

Additionally, children can also witness animal feeding such as:

  • Sumatran Elephants: Afternoon 2:30-2:45 PM, Evening 3:00-3:15 PM.
  • Komodo Dragons: In the Evening from 3:00-3:15 PM.
  • Gorillas: In the Afternoon from 12:00-12:30 PM.

Tips for Visiting Ragunan Wildlife Park

 To avoid crowds, it’s best to visit Ragunan Wildlife Park on weekdays. Wear comfortable clothing and bring enough drinking water, as Jakarta can be very hot during the day. Wearing a hat and sunscreen is also recommended to protect from the sun. If you are visiting with children, be sure to monitor them continuously due to the extensive park area.

Additional Information:

  • Opening Hours: Daily from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM WIB
  • Address: Jl. Harsono RM Number 1, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta
  • Contact Number: +62 21 78847114
  • Instagram: @ragunanzoo
  • Website: Ragunan Wildlife Park

Ragunan Wildlife Park offers an educational and enjoyable experience at an affordable price, making it a perfect choice for family activities on the weekend. By knowing the entrance fees and facilities offered, you can plan a visit that is not only entertaining but also comfortable.

5 Related FAQs:

What types of tickets are available at Ragunan Wildlife Park? There are regular tickets for park entry and additional tickets for the Schmutzer Primate Center.

Is Ragunan Wildlife Park accessible for disabled visitors? Yes, Ragunan Wildlife Park is equipped with disabled-friendly facilities.

Can I bring my own food to Ragunan Wildlife Park? Yes, visitors are allowed to bring their own food, and there are also picnic areas provided.

Are there any special discounts for students or the elderly? For discount information, it is advised to follow the official social media accounts or visit the Ragunan Wildlife Park website.

What are the opening and closing times of Ragunan Wildlife Park? Ragunan Wildlife Park is open every day from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM WIB.