Setu Babakan Betawi - Menikmati Akhir Pekan di Setu Babakan: Serunya Wisata Budaya di Jakarta -

Enjoying the Weekend at Setu Babakan: The Excitement of Cultural Tourism in Jakarta

If you’re looking for a different activity this weekend, why not consider Setu Babakan? This area offers a unique experience with free admission, allowing you to explore the Betawi cultural preservation area in depth. Enjoy facilities like pedestrian paths, cafés, and a children’s play zone that make Setu Babakan the perfect location for families. Get ready for an educational and entertaining weekend in the heart of Jakarta’s culture.

Introduction: The Uniqueness of Setu Babakan as a Cultural 

Destination Setu Babakan, located in South Jakarta, is not just a lake, but also an area dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Betawi culture. Spanning over 30 hectares, this area offers a rich cultural experience with various educational and entertaining activities. As a cultural heritage site, Setu Babakan appeals to anyone interested in delving into the traditions and history of Jakarta.

Main Activities to Do at Setu Babakan

Culture and Arts 

At Setu Babakan, visitors can enjoy art performances such as Cokek dance and gambang kromong music on weekends. This place often hosts various cultural festivals featuring traditional performing arts.

Workshops and Learning

 The available workshops provide opportunities to learn hands-on how to make kerak telor or ondel-ondel, two iconic symbols of Betawi. Visitors of all ages can participate in these educational activities.

Family Activities

 Setu Babakan is also ideal for families, with activities such as boating on the lake and visiting a safe playground for children.

Facilities Available at Setu Babakan 

Facilities at Setu Babakan are designed for visitor comfort. There is adequate parking, clean toilets, and gazebos for relaxation. For an educational experience, there is a Betawi culture museum and an art gallery displaying local artifacts and artwork. On-site cafés offer typical Betawi cuisine, allowing visitors to taste the authentic flavors of traditional food.

Must-Try Betawi Specialties

 Food plays a crucial role in experiencing culture. At Setu Babakan, guests have the opportunity to sample a variety of local specialties, including the crisp Betawi-style gado-gado, the flavorful soto Betawi, and the invigorating asinan. Moreover, there are culinary workshops on offer, giving visitors the chance to learn how to prepare these traditional dishes themselves.

Tips and Advice for Visitors 

Arrive early to avoid crowds and enjoy a quieter atmosphere. Wear comfortable clothing for walking and outdoor activities. If using public transportation, various buses and city transports have routes that pass by Setu Babakan.

Additional Information: 

  • Address: Jl. Setu Babakan, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta 
  • Opening Hours: Every day, 09:00 – 15:00 
  • Admission Fee: Free (Only vehicle parking ticket is charged) 
  • Contact Number: (021) 78893258 
  • Instagram: @setubabakan 
  • Website:

Setu Babakan is a destination that offers more than just recreation; it is an opportunity to delve into Betawi culture in an authentic and enjoyable setting. With free admission and a variety of facilities, Setu Babakan promises a weekend that is not only entertaining but also educational.


Is Setu Babakan kid-friendly? Yes, it is very child-friendly with various facilities and activities safe for children.

Can I bring pets to Setu Babakan? For the comfort of all visitors, pets are not allowed within the Setu Babakan area.

Is boat rental available at Setu Babakan? Yes, boat rentals are available on the lake which can be enjoyed with family or friends.

How is the public transport access to Setu Babakan? Setu Babakan can be accessed by city bus or public transport from various points in Jakarta.

Is there an additional cost to participate in workshops at Setu Babakan? Some workshops may require a small fee, depending on the materials used.