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Unique Option for Pre-Wedding: Posing with Antique Cars at Hauwke’s Auto Gallery

When planning a pre-wedding photo session, couples often seek locations that are not just beautiful but also unique. Hauwke’s Auto Gallery offers a rare opportunity to blend both elements with their captivating collection of antique cars. Discover how this gallery can be the right choice to add a classic and elegant touch to your pre-wedding photos, providing a memorable backdrop.

Background and History of Hauwke’s Auto Gallery

Hauwke’s Auto Gallery was established by a collector and successful Jakarta businessman who has a deep love for classic cars. Founded in 2010, the gallery began as a way to share his passion and educate the public about the history and beauty of classic cars. Since then, the gallery has grown into one of the leading automotive culture centers in Jakarta, with a mission to provide an experience that is not only entertaining but also informative for its visitors.

Types of Collections at Hauwke’s Auto Gallery

At Hauwke’s Auto Gallery, visitors can find a variety of well-restored and maintained classic cars. The collection includes everything from the elegant Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud and sporty 1960s Ford Mustang to former state cars of President Soekarno. Each car is displayed not just as an exhibit but as part of a larger narrative about the evolution of automotive history. The gallery regularly updates and rotates its collection, ensuring each visit offers something new.

Practical Information: Costs, Preparation, and Other Details to Know

Before arranging a pre-wedding photo session at Hauwke’s Auto Gallery, it is important to understand all the details. The gallery offers various photo session packages, with costs ranging from IDR 3,000,000 to IDR 9,000,000, which includes exclusive access to the car collection. Reservations must be made in advance to secure the desired date and time. The gallery is not open to the public and is a private gallery that only accepts reservations. Couples are also advised to discuss specific preparations with their photographer, such as lighting and accessories, to ensure the photo session goes smoothly.

Choosing the Right Antique Car for Your Photo Session

Selecting an antique car for the photo session should reflect the couple’s style and personality. For example, a classic convertible may be perfect for a couple who loves a free-spirited and adventurous lifestyle, while a luxury sedan from the 1920s might be more suitable for those who appreciate classic elegance and luxury. At Hauwke’s Auto Gallery, couples can choose from a variety of perfectly restored antique cars, ensuring each photo captures the timeless beauty and uniqueness of the vehicle.

Additional Information:

Address: Jl. Otomotif III No.12, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Contact Number: +62 8111 881080

Instagram: @hauwkeautogallery

Hauwke’s Auto Gallery is more than just a place to display classic cars; it is a center of learning and culture that brings together automotive enthusiasts from various generations. With its stunning collection, interactive events, and dedication to the community, this gallery is a landmark that should not be missed by anyone visiting Jakarta.

Related FAQs:

What makes Hauwke’s Auto Gallery special for pre-wedding photos? The gallery offers an elegant collection of antique cars as a unique and historic backdrop for your photo session.

How do you make a reservation for a photo session? Contact the gallery at +62 8111 881080 or via Instagram @hauwkeautogallery to arrange a reservation.

What is the cost of a pre-wedding photo session at the gallery? Starting from IDR 3,000,000, including exclusive access to the car collection.

What types of antique cars are available for selection? From luxury sedans of the 1920s to 1960s Ford Mustangs, tailor your choice to your photo theme.

What needs to be prepared before the photo session? Coordinate with your photographer regarding lighting and accessories, and ensure all details are confirmed with the gallery.